How To Start A Bookkeeping Business 2023 Guide

How To Start A Bookkeeping Business 2023 Guide

bookkeeping business for small business startups

They should be able to tell you about businesses they have worked with through numerous stages of fundraising. In addition to helping you go through your options, your accountant will also help to keep track of all of these benefits with your accounting or ERP software. Offering a competitive benefits package will be the key to drawing in quality talent to staff your startup. Knowing what benefits to offer is an often tricky calculus of weighing competitor offerings, costs to you, and costs to employees. There are also administrative considerations that will factor into your accounting.

bookkeeping business for small business startups

For example, you can post all sales to income accounts and cash outflows to expense accounts. We like Xero as our third choice for the best accounting software for small business because of its simplicity and ease of use. Xero’s cloud-based accounting software does what you would expect, like record transitions, calculate tax, and track both inventory and financial data. Plus, you can easily integrate with Gusto Payroll for an additional fee. QuickBooks Online is great for small business owners who need premium business accounting software. If you’ve already used QuickBooks in the past, say the desktop version of QuickBooks, you may want to upgrade to the online version.

How to choose bookkeeping services

Most startups opt for one dedicated bank account and one business credit card to start. Also offers the settlement of new businesses by offering the free service of opening businesses. There are tons of bookkeeping and accounting software tools available. Look for licensing that will allow you to keep the books for multiple or unlimited companies and consider any needs specific to your industry niche. Again, any accounting software application you purchase will have an invoicing component included, which means accounts receivable tracking as well.

It features credit account management, collection reminders, offline support, and multi-language solutions. It is a value-added application for every individual having any type of transaction in their routine life, which help them to record these transactions digitally. App-based accounting and cash management solutions for small businesses. It offers solutions for expense management, bookkeeping, transaction management, financial reporting, and more. Startup business owners can be a lot of things — an accountant, an attorney, a designer, a chef, a baker, or a skilled woodworker.


It takes significantly more time and effort than bookkeeping software and exposes you to human error. While 1-800Accountant offers less expensive plans that may be useful for businesses that need only tax advice and quarterly reviews, only its most expensive Enterprise plan comes with bookkeeping services. Bench offers bookkeeping support at a lower price than many competitors and is a good choice if you prefer to completely hand over your bookkeeping to an online service. Annual subscriptions, starting at $249 per month when billed yearly, are also available.

After completing your business plan, you’ll have a good idea of what your estimated startup costs will be. In general, the startup costs for a bookkeeping business can be low if you work out of a home office as opposed to leasing office space, which we’ll discuss in the next section. The experts say that you should always have at least six months’ worth of expenses in the bank.

Popular Accounting Software for Startups

It helps small businesses manage their finances with accounting, payroll, and tax services. A SaaS fiscal modeling tool, inDinero continuously pulls in information from various credit-card and bank accounts, along with electronic payment services such as PayPal. It has budgeting tools based on previous transactions, alert functions, fiscal targeting tools and stats such as cash flow, income, and spending. InDinero has over 80 employees with offices in San Francisco, Portland, and Manila. Its features include transaction management, cashflow management, tax management, financial statement management, reporting, expense tracking, data management, and more. It offers a pricing plan based on the size of the business and monthly expenses.

bookkeeping business for small business startups

Plus, this software can create invoices, pay bills, add ledger entries, reconcile bank accounts, and generate financial statements. Cash basis accounting works well for small startups with cash transactions and no inventory. On the other hand, accrual basis accounting helps project your income and expenses for better business forecasting.

Once you’ve established yourself as a bookkeeper, consider getting training and/or certification in accounting, which will allow you to offer more services at a higher price point. If you’re still on the fence about handling basic bookkeeping or accounting for your business, you’re not alone. If the thought of doing your books is overwhelming, you have plenty of other options including enlisting the help of a CPA. You can also hire an experienced bookkeeper or accountant for your business, or just outsource the entire process. You should be printing a set of financial statements monthly or quarterly, depending on your business.

  • The best accounting software for self-employed professionals is 1-800Accountant.
  • They should be able to tell you about businesses they have worked with through numerous stages of fundraising.
  • While no formal education or classes are required, the examinations are difficult and will prove you have the knowledge to serve tax clients properly.
  • Because you don’t need a degree to do bookkeeping, you could even hire a talented and diligent recent high school graduate for simple record keeping.
  • Similarly, you don’t notate outstanding bills until you actually pay them.
  • New bookkeeping businesses will typically use a credit card to float working capital expenses, earn rewards, and manage employees.

FreshBooks business accounting software eliminates these problems instantly. As a nascent big business, you’re likely going to want an accounting software solution that will be able to scale with your business. For this reason, some startups choose to adopt enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple ways you can choose to maintain your financial records. Startups typically use the cash or accrual accounting method to record their transactions.

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